Looking for the perfect gift that defines the recipient and the occasion? Amazon Gift Card with its range of designs, offers customized gift that suits the occasion. The Amazon Gift Card balance is easy to check and the card comes in different denomination. With Amazon Gift Card there is fun in shopping and the card has no stress of fee. The Amazon Gift Card balance pops up with a tap; feel the ease in using Amazon gift card with its other benefits below;

Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon Gift Card Offers

Once you purchase Amazon gift card, you can take advantage of the following offers;

  • There’s no expiration date, on Amazon GC.
  • Amazon GC, can redeemed towards millions of items on Amazon.
  • Customers, can choose to deliver now, or schedule in advance for their gift cards delivery.
  • Get your personal message, on your Gift card, by customizing your Amazon GC.
  • There are more than 250 designs of Amazon GC.
  • Amazon gift card options, also includes animated gift card, with more fun and music
  • Customize, your gift card, by using your photo, to add a personal touch to your gift card.

Purchase of Amazon Gift Card | Amazon Gift Card Denominations

Purchase of Amazon Gift Card can be made in grocery stores, convenience stores and drug stores throughout the United States. The designs and denomination of Amazon Gift Card varies per retailer. Amazon Gift Card comes in the following denominations; $15, $25, $50, and $100, $150 & more.

How to Send Amazon Gift Card

You can send the Amazon Gift Card to your friends or family member through;

  • Email: Email a digital gift card, with your personal message to your recipient
  • Text: You can also text an Amazon GC, via text massage
  • Messaging Apps: Share your Amazon GC using any messaging app of your choice.
  • Mail: You also have the option of mailing your physical gift card to your loved one using the One-day shipping offer ( when available)

How to order Amazon Gift Card

Here’s how you can order an Amazon Gift Card;

  • Go to Amazon Gift Card
    Search through, and pick the gift card of your choice
  • Then tap “Add to Cart”, and tap proceed to checkout
  • Next, enter your payment information for your purchase and tap “Continue”
  • Finally, tap “Place your Order”. With this, your Amazon GC has been ordered.

Redeeming Amazon Gift Card | Amazon Gift Card Balance

You can redeem your Amazon Gift Card through;

  • Look out for the claim code. If it is plastic gift card, you may be required to scratch off the coating behind the card, to reveal the claim code.
  • Then, go to your account
    Click the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” tab
  • Fill out your claim code, and tap “Apply to Your Balance” Your claim code can also be filled out during checkout.

How to Redeem Amazon GC for Digital

To redeem Amazon GC for digital downloads, simply;

Click on “Redeem a gift card” or promotion code, and tap the “Buy Now” button to purchase digital downloads viz. Kindle content, Digital music and Amazon video downloads.

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

  • Login into your Amazon account
  • Scroll to “Your Account”
  • Tap on “Gift Cards”
    From there, your Amazon Gift Card balance will pop up at the top of the page.

Amazon Gift Card Customer Service Number

To get more information on gift card, call at 1-888-280-3321.