Aqua Credit Card helps you improve your credit rating when you manage your finances well, including by staying within your limit and making payments on time. It also rewards you for doing so with 0.5% Cashback (up to £100 per annum) on everything you buy.
Aqua credit card charges no annual fee and enables users, make their bills payment, and finance other expenses. Check out the benefits and rates.

Aqua Credit Card
Aqua Credit Card Benefits

  • Cardholders earn 0.5% cash back, transferred to their account each year
  • 0% interest on the payment of your purchases is offered, if made in full amount on every month.
  • Get $100 cash back reward per year
  • Receive 3% cash withdrawal fee from abroad purchases
  • It also offers poor credit rewards
  • Your account can be easily accessed with fast response
  • Allows for balance transfers like MasterCard, VISA, etc
  • Your account can be used online with your android phones, tablets, etc.

Aqua Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee –None
  • APR Rate – 34.9% variable
  • Purchase Rate – 34.95%

How to Apply For Aqua Credit Card

  • Go to the online portal of ACC application
  • Select your Card and tap “Apply Now”
  • Next, fill in your personal info; which includes the following; Title, First name, Last name, Date of birth, Marital status, Security word
  • Thereafter, provide the following contact info; Email address, Mobile number, Home number, Work number
  • Provide your living status info; Residential status, Your postcode
  • Fill in the following employment and spending info; Employment status, Your income, Each year ( before tax), Do you expect your financial situation to get worse in the near future, Are you interested in an immediate cash withdrawal?
  • Supply your bank details; Bank account number, sort
  • Go through the details supplied. Tap “Apply now” to complete the application process.

How to Activate Aqua Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired Aqua credit card, call the activation number 0800 028 7777. Fill in the card details, and your card details, and your card will be ready for you to use.

How To Log In Aqua Credit Card

  • Tap open the sign in page, and you will see the login section at the right
  • Type in the Username, and Password in the white boxes, and tap ‘Next’
  • Thereafter, you will be navigated to the account management console.

Aqua Credit Card Customer Service Number

Call: 0800 028 7777 to gain access to a customer care agent.

Mailing Address
Aqua Customer Services
PO BOX 173
S98 1JW.