Chase Bank offers a lot of cards but if you’re looking to increase your earnings on travel and dining expenses, you need the Chase Sapphire Card. This Card rewards users with a $300 travel credit each year and bonus points are also gathered along the way.

Also, if you redeem points for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards, you will get elite travel benefits such as Global Entry application fee rebate, Priority Pass Select and so on.

Chase Sapphire Card

Chase Sapphire Card Benefits

The Chase Sapphire card offers many benefits; they are as follows;

  • $300 annual travel credit-reimburses $300 in travel expenses, effectively reducing annual fee to $150
  • 3X Ultimate Rewards points on Travel and Dining worldwide – at ~2.2¢ per point, this yields 6.6% back
  • Airport lounge access- you get free food and a comfortable/quiet place to sit in global airports(with free guest access)
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • 1 Point Transfer to a plethora of airline and hotel rewards programs (huge opportunity for high valuation)
  • Global Entry or TSA pre-Free Credit- $100 credit for enrollment in these programs (a must for US residents, IMHO)
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver-Primary car rental
  • 5X Travel Rewards – 1.5¢ per point when booking travel through the chase travel portal
  • Priority pass select Membership: you get more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world for free, this membership includes guest as well.
  • Primary Car Rental Insurance: This CSR does include primary auto rental coverage entitling you for up to $75,000 in reimbursement for theft and collision damage if you charge the entire rental to your card.

Sign up bonus
$1K cash -or- $1.5K direct travel booking -or-$2.2K+ through point transfers.

$1.2K+ cash or $1.8K direct travel booking -or- $2.6K+ thru point transfers.

How to get approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card

  • Check your credit score
    The following are ways you can check your credit score for free;
  1. Discover offers free FICO credit scores from Experian for customers and non-customers alike
  2. Experian offers free FICO credit scores through their phone app and through their website.
  3. Many credit card companies offer free credit scores. Simply log into your online account and search for the option.
  4. Many websites offer free estimated (FAKO) scores
  • Determine your 5/24 status
    You can determine this by viewing your credit report
  • Try to get pre-approved
    Visit a Chase Bank and tell the banker you want to apply for the Chase Sapphire card but you want to check first to see if you are pre-approved. This way you make sure you’re not rejected when you apply.
  • Join Chase Private Client
    Private client status can help with approvals
  • Wait to dip under 5/24
    You can stop applying for new cards for a while, your “new” accounts will eventually become old (as in older than 24 months)
  • Don’t call until denied
    Wait until you are denied before you call if you wait you have an extra chance of approval. If the process results in denial, you can then call.

Chase Sapphire Customer Care