Elan credit card login is your key to accessing Elan card account online. Before we proceed with more details about this card, we will firstly let you know the source of elan card.

Elan is not a bank as many of you might think, but they are the source and issuer of elan credit card with their own terms and conditions.

This article will do much more to help you with how to apply for this card, how to login. We will answer questions ranging from:elan credit card

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How To Apply For Elan Card

Most interest users out there are looking forward to signing up with elan card. To apply for this card, you will need to visit your bank or credit union close to you to speak with with local Representative on guide to the credit card application.

Services of banks vary, while some banks will refer you to an online form, others will ask you to fill a full paper form where you will need to enter;

  • Your ID
  • Valid address
  • Your SSN will be needed
  • Your Income Statement

How to Apply Online For Elan Credit Card

If you choose to apply through the online medium, it will spare you stress of visiting the bank. Simply  use you device of PC to;

  1. Visit the homepage of the Elan,  click on the “My Account Access” and click “Enroll”.
  2. This will prompt you to need your credit card account Number
  3. Credit Card Security Code,
  4. Last Digits of your SSN
  5. Zip Code

The next field will need you to create;

  1. Username or ID
  2. Secret Password

When you are done with the above, move straight to confirm your email address. Never forget to create your personal ID and Password. Ensure it is secured enough to avoid others accessing your account.

With that done, click on the submit button. You will  be sent a confirmation email that carries other steps you needed to complete your enrollment.

How to Login Elan Credit card | Elan credit Card Login

For those that have completed their account creation, this step will help you log into you account without hitches. To access your account online:

  1. With your browsing device visit the card Homepage and click the login Button.
  2. Enter your login details; Personal ID and and password. Click the the login to continue.
  3. You may be asked some questions to help help verify your person.
  4. If you can respond accordingly, you will be logged into your account online without to access your account information.

Forgot Password

You may be refused access to your account when you enter the wrong password. To access your account, you password and your personal ID must be valid. But if you forgot your password or Personal ID, this steps will help you retrieve them.

To  retrieve your password, click on the “Forgot Password” button on your login page, you will receive a password reset link  in your email. You will be made to verify your account number, security code and zip code.

This step will be needed  when you forget your Personal ID.

Importance of Elan Credit Card

Elan is a large organization. They have over 1500 financial institutions they are connected with.

With that, so many users keep opting for Elan credit card to help them complete their every day  activities.

The advantage of this card is endless. We will just take a little look at some of the importance of this card.

Great Benefits

Elan being a huge company made it easy for them to offer various incentives and credit card rewards to their card users. That is why you keep seeing several rewards published on their  official page all the times. With these reward, user of elan credit card spend more and get more reward.

To see the cards present reward, click this here.

Round the Clock Support

Users of this card are guaranteed 24/7 support system by elan financial in case of any emergency.  Their standby team will help you resolve any ranging issues at your call.

Elan Credit card Phone Number

You can call any of the elan Credit card phone number below depending on your intention of calling.

  • Consumer Card Members call 1-800-558-3424
  • Business Card Members call 1-866-552-8855

Visa Cards

Elan Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations across the United States. No reason for getting other cards when traveling as Elan credit card stands out among other cards.

Email Updates

Elan sends email updates of their latest rewards and promotions to their customers instantly. Users don’t have to keep visiting the official page to check for updates as emails are sent to customers inbox each time there if an update. User can opt for the credit card statements to be sent to their inbox.

Elan Payment Solutions | Elan Financial services  Review

Credit card users often complain about their bill payment issue. Elan payment solution from Elan Financial services will help resolve payment issue.

Users can opt for BillPay feature wit the Elan Credit card by clicking Here.

With the above link, users can make on time every time they want so they can avoid late fee payment issues.

Demerit Of Elan Credit Card

No personal meeting between you and Elan financial service as there is no office to get in touch with them should you need physical human support.

Terms of the card are set by Elan but your bank might be the one to offer you the card. Sometimes, the terms from Elan might not be too wonderful.

I noticed that interest rate of Elan is higher than that of other credit card out there each time you are unable to make your payment in time.

Note that Credit Union use to have higher interest rate when ever they are the once offering you your Elan card.

There are lots of complains from user of this card which is usual sometimes. It ranges from;

  • The card usually takes more time to arrive than the promised date.
  • Online version of the terms is not detailed. Only when you get the card in the mail will you get the full version of the terms and conditions.
  • Higher interest rate charges and confusing policy on payment deductions.


If you can manage your payments by making them on time, ensure a good account standing, I am very sure your will love Elan credit card.

Elan credit Card App Download

Make your financial life simple and easy, review your transaction history, check your account balance by simply downloading Elan card. Be smart by choosing this app today. It is safer and much more convenient to use.

This card make your credit card payment convenient and simple.  You can set up your payment method with this at www.myaccountaccess.com

Elan App Download

To download this app, simply visit your Google play store and search  for Elan Credit Card. Click the app for download. When you are through eith the download, click the app icon to launch it. Enter your Personal ID and Password and click login.

You can as well setup you new account user this app. It is stress free.

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