The New York Stock Exchange helps the general public to understand the stock market. This information is broad as it includes the list of companies in the stock market, the total number of shares of firms as well as list of all stocks and the quantity traded at any time in question. They also provide information on list of stocks by price per share.Established in 1792 as a voluntary organization, the New York Stock Exchange has one thousand three hundred and sixty six (1366) members. New York Stock Exchange is headed and supervised by a 27 man board of directors also known as “The Big Board”.

Out of this number, 12 are members of the stock while another 12 who are non-members are known as “public directors”. The remaining three directors that makes up the Chairman, an Executive Vice Chairman and then the President are all full time.
The registered members of the Exchange are classified according to the nature of the trading activities they engage in thus investing their fund in real estates, commerce etc where returns are expected to be higher.

New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange Index Reports

The stock exchange periodically publishes reports on its operations for the consumption of members, non members, prospective investors and the general public. Interested persons in the public can as well have information on how many companies are listed on the NASDAQ.
The stock exchange reports enlighten the public on the list of stocks by price per share. This simply means that the New York stock exchange today live reports may contain the following information:

  • The names of all the quoted companies
  • The last share price of each firms securities
  • Statistics as to firms earnings per share (EPS), rate of dividends
  • Financial reports of listed firms at certain interval as contained in the requirements for listing.
  • Total number of shares of firms as well as list of all stocks and the quantity traded at any time in question.
  • When the last dividend was declared and the actual date of payment
  • The lowest and the highest prices of the securities of companies.
  • General information on the NYSE stock price and also the performance of stock exchange itself.

Importance Of Stock Exchange Reports

Here are some of the uses of NYSE reports that the public should access and get informed on the business of the stock market;

  • They provide information about share prices and the volume of transactions on securities.
  • Evaluation of securities, security firms can be evaluated through information on issuing firms financial position and earnings.
  • The reports facilitate the sale of securities by bringing investors and speculators together.
  • They help in determining the commission charged on the floatation of new securities. The commission charged for underwriting issues for the New York Stock Exchange listings of companies are usually lower than those of unlisted or relatively unknown companies.
  • They help the investment companies to determine the prospects of listing a new issue of securities.
  • They direct the prospective investors on how, where and when to invest their fund.
  • They can be used for intra and inter stock exchange comparison.

Stock Market Hours Today & Holidays
The New York Stock Exchange also have their working hours, and they are regimented, businesses are done within the given hour. The working hour is precisely between 9:30AM–4PM from Monday through to Friday, any business done outside the stipulated time will mainly depend on the individuals in the business concern.
The NYSE markets also have a regimented holiday as they also observe all the United State of America holidays.

The New York Stock Exchange Listings

This stock exchange houses some of the biggest corporate firms in the world today, with over 2000 innovators as well as head of corporations and leaders as patrons. For over 200 years, the stock exchange has been home where world leader raise capital for their innovative drive to development. Growth has brought expansion which is felt in many sectors of the world economy, from technological inventions, healthcare, industrials etc.
Here is the process of access the New York stock exchange listing;

  • Visit the NYSE Webpage at
  • Scroll down to check International Listings or Transfer or scroll further
  • Click on the link “Begin The Listings Process”
  • On the new page that loads, you can then properly process your listing

New York Stock Exchange Valuation Mechanism
The Valuation Of Shares: This provides a mechanism for valuation and pricing of new stocks, it engages in primary distribution of new stocks, shares and bonds by making the market system to embrace the use of bonds and shares. It fosters the raising of new long term investment capital.