Markets acquiring online presence has birthed the need for a reliable platform to make payments. However, people are often skeptical about making online transactions due to high tendencies of fraud and theft, hence the need for a secured online payment platform.

And that is where PayPal comes in, as one of most secured place to effect online payments.Due to it’s fast and reliable service delivery, PayPal has become one of the busiest e-commerce sites today where buying and selling is going on by the minute and being available in nothing less than 26 currencies used for international business it is the choice of payment for every product and service online.

The process of completing the application for a PayPal account has been simplified in this article.

PayPalAs an American based firm, their online payment services are not restricted to Americans alone. The services of PayPal is universal, as they are one of the premier financial fund transfer and purchase firm in the world even without the use of your bank.

PayPal account setup begins whenever a customer indicates interest in having an account, and after setting up the account, you will now have your PayPal login details, with this, you can easily send as well as receive fund from different location with a seeming ease.

How To Sign Up With PayPal Login

  • Go to the PayPal Account Setup page and click sign up
  • There you will see the option you want, follow every instruction to the later

How To Use PayPal Account

You can make use of your account in any of the following ways outlined below:

  • Make purchases or auctions on eBay or Amazon through your account.
  • Make any type of global shopping with your PayPal credit card or debit cards with ease.

You can always visit the PayPal website for more information.