Do you have a RAK bank card? Have you tapped into the card services provided by RAK bank? Activate your RAK bank card to enjoy flexible banking services. With RAK bank card activation your transactions become fast and safe. Don’t settle for less, activate your card to enjoy these offers from the card. It does not matter the type of card you chose, either debit or credit card, once you activate you enjoy the easy way to bank.

RAK Bank Credit Card Activation


RAK Bank Card Activation | How to Activate RAK Bank Card

Using an activated RAK bank card for your purchases does not just secure you a fast and safe transactions, but you also enjoy bonus, cash back, gifts, and discount etc. These benefits are for an activated card. Activate your RAK bank card now and experience the easy way to bank. Activation is done via phone. To activate, follow the quick steps below;

RAK Bank Card Activation By Phone

RAK bank card activation via using a phone is a simple way to successfully activate your Rak bank card. The user should follow the steps below;

  • The customer can activate their RAK Bank Card and get their PIN by calling on 600 54 4049 for RAK BANK Cards.
  • Islamic cardholder can contact on 600 54 0044 with their 6-digit activation code.
  • The customer can get a 6-digit activation code from sending an SMS to 4595 from their mobile number registered with the Bank in the following format.
  • Type an SMS in the following format in order to get RAK Bank Activation Code. The format should be like these ACT <first 4 digits of Card number> <last 4 digits of Card number> and send it on 4595.
  • The 6-digit activation code will be sent to you by SMS and will be valid only for 30 minutes. Kindly use the activation code and other personal details as prompted by the IVR to activate the card and know your PIN.
  • If you don’t belong to UAE, then kindly call on +971 4 213 00 00 to get your activation code.
  • In terms of Prepaid Cards, after loading customers Card, the customer can set-up their preferred 4-digit PIN by simply sending an SMS to 2737 in the following format.
  • The customer needs to type an SMS in the following format in order to activate the card. The format should be like these 100 <your Card ID> <your selected 4-digit PIN>