Reflex Credit Card is a leading Credit card in the market for those with a poor Credit score. Are you having a bad credit score? Then, you should go for Reflex Credit Card.

This card is from the stable of Continental Finance. If you have had anything to do with any of the Continental Finance MasterCard, You will agree with me that is not an exception. Why did I say so, applicants of this card can either be approved for the secure and Unsecured version of the card.

Reflex Credit Card comes with fees that you must get aware of before you opt for the card.Reflex Credit Card

Reflex Credit Card / Reflex MasterCard Fees

  • All users pay $125 in their first year and $ 96 from the second year of using the card.
  • Card Fee Stands at $30
  • The Monthly Maintenance Fee is $0 for the first Year. Then $10 per month after then.
  • APR  is 30.49%
  • The Initial Limit is $500

Benefits Of Reflex Credit Card

  • This card will help you build and rebuild your credit score without plunging you into debt.
  • 99% variable APR is applied.
  • You get 3% foreign transaction.
  • It offers Interest-free period of 25 days.
  • $38 late and returned payment fee.
  • No reward program attached to the credit card
  • No or low service charge except for the monthly maintenance fee.

Reflex Credit card Login Steps

  • To login to reflex card online, log in to the homepage of the site and enter your username and Password in the space Provided.
  • Click the Submit button to access your account

How to recover Reflex MasterCard Username and Password

  • Visit the login page and click the Forgot Username or Forgot Password button on the same page.
  • Follow the steps below and provide other details that will be needed. With this, you will be able to access and your account again.

Application Criteria

To apply for the Reflex Credit card, the applicant must be 18 years and above.

Apply For Reflex Credit Card

  • With your browsing device, visit the Application page and click “Apply”
  • Enter your SSN
  • Age and other details that will be required
  • Click on the Confirm button to complete the signup process.

How to apply without Invitation

You can apply without an invitation by visiting the online application and click “No Reservation” button.

Key in your name, address, SSN, email,  phone number and more.

Click the confirm 18 years box and 19 years for those in Alabama.

Activate Reflex Credit Card

To activate your Reflex MasterCard, call a customer care help center 1-866-449-45-14, 800-854-7848 (toll-free)

Reflex Payment | Reflex Pay

The best way to pay your bill on this card is by activating the auto Bill for instant deductions. Therefore,  It will help the card managers to deduct their bill.

You can as well use the online credit card direct payment.

Contact Reflex

There are two ways to contact reflex Master card.

Via Call. Card help center 1-866-449-45-14, 800-854-7848 (toll-free).

Via Mail:

Reflex Card

P.O Box 3220

Buffalo, NY 14240-3220

Increase In Credit Limit

Those that are interested in this card should note that if your credit score is bad, you will be made to put down a security deposit. The conditions stipulate that your credit limit will not be the full amount of your deposit initially. It will only be complete after three timely payments that your credit limit will be increased to the amount you deposited.

I am not certain on this but is sure you will be made to deposit $50, $150 or $500 deposit for you to qualify for an initial $500 credit limit. It makes it either a fully or partially secured credit card.

Another factor to note is that the teams of this card state that you will not get any interest on your deposit and you can put unto $2000 as the security deposit.

More Option

There is a general 7 days hold on your deposit initially.

Note that Credit Increase user will qualify for credit increase after their first twelve months with the card. If the users could maintain the terms and conditions of the card provider, the credit limit could rise to $2000. This is the Maximum Continental can offer on this card.

The limitation you could consider with this card is that its annual fee is high compared to other cards. It comes with a monthly maintenance fee. The APR is high as well. It could ask you for deposit and is expected as a Secured Card.

So, this monthly fee, high APR is what you should consider. As well, the Fees could become even higher any time you ask to put up a deposit.

Those with bad credit score could be lured to go for this card, I will ask you t do your research very well to avoid being on the crossroad. You can go for cards with low annual fee secured card even unsecured card with much more less fee and rate could be a good option.

If you don’t mind, consider cards like Opensky Secured Card which does not do any relative credit check and its annual fee stands at $ 35. Credit One is another Great option as they only charge an annual fee range from $ 0 -$99 without monthly fee maintenance Fee.